Price Guide


This is a rough price from range, depending on how many elements are introduced and the level of complexity: There is a non-refundable deposit to reserve the date and cover the initial work. 


The fee below includes everything required for the ceremony, celebrant and assistant, where needed, travel costs within 1-hour driving, kit and kaboodle.  It represents the total amounts including deposit.



It does not include; flowers, photographer, venue, food, drink or transport for longer distances.


  • Weddings  from £350  - £600

  • Marriage Vow Renewal from £250 -£350 

  • Rites of passage from £150

  • Funeral and memorial  from £180 to pay a deposit and reserve the date.  Just add that number to the end of your link. For example, use PayPal.Me/myceremony/100 to send £100.00. the remainder can be paid by PayPal or Bacs. too once you have checked approved the ceremony.