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Ocean Graham, your friendly family Interfaith Celebrant

serving in Highlands, Moray, the Grampians and North Scotland

mixed faith
or no faith,
 Vow Renewal,
Viking Style,
Same or opposite gender.
New House, Work,
or place blessing.
Spiritual Counselling
Natural Therapies
Personal Healing

Rites of Passage;
Welcome baby blessings,
Brother and Sister ceremony,
Coming of Age,
Life Dances
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Types of wedding ceremony

Legal ceremony or informal ceremony

for opposite or same sex couples:

  • Hand-Fasting or Hand-parting

  • Viking wedding

  • Interfaith (mixed faiths or non-faith)

  • Civil Partnership

  • Same sex and opposite sex


and for all other ceremonies



Vow Renewal on the top of Glen Affric,

We had such a lovely time and looking back on the video and pictures from this celebration has been amazing. I'm so happy we have this memory and I am so happy you and Scotty were part of it. Thank you again, you are both appreciated! 


Also, the swords made it home! Brett is so excited to have them. He's been showing them to everyone and can't wait to get them mounted on the wall. He loves the story and symbol. Thank you again for being willing to part with them. They mean a lot to us!


Kim and Brett, Minnesota.



Vow Renewal on Rosemarkie Beach,


We couldn't have been more pleased with our ceremony. You made sure everything was perfect. The words were beautiful and well thought out, and despite being married for 15 years, I cried just like I did the first time we married. We can't thank you enough for your time and thoughtfulness. Your spirit is beautiful. May you continue to bless other couples as you have blessed us. 


Autumn and Cullen


Croning Ceremony:


I wanted to mark the milestone of transiting into my third age and  elder-hood consciously and openly.


So Ocean and I prepared  a Croning Ceremony ritual together. She and Scotty conducted an open-air  croning ceremony for me when I turned 60. This  was witnessed by my friends and family and the wonder of the sunset, woods and hills around us. The  ceremony was beautiful, powerful and sacred, followed by the fun of a large fire, singing and storytelling.


I still hold the memory of my joyful and profound Croning ceremony deep in my heart, and am grateful to Ocean for her flexibility, imagination and courage to do this with me.

Jona - Sussex, UK.


Marriage Vow Renewal

We loved our trip around Scotland and the Marriage Vow Renewal Ceremony was just perfect for us.

Kaleigh and Jared-Texas, US



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